It Starts With A Kiss (2019)

A socially awkward engineer wins over her complacent colleague as they help their team get fired from their dead-end jobs. A friends-to-lovers office romance on a pre-AI space station.

“Celeste opened her eyes. The stool lay on its side with an empty mug and a puddle of pens sprawled across the floor. Again, she found herself in Owen’s embrace, both his arms around her legs and his face pressed into her thighs.”

The Beating of Our Hearts (2018)

Dani and Rao have an unusual friendship. For starters, their home aboard the AMS Celestial Dream is also home to Rao’s two girlfriends, Tammy and Jo. And when Dani’s deadbeat boyfriend dumps her out of the blue, Rao finds his friendly feelings taking a heavier turn—especially after he learns a little secret about Dani’s new toy boy, Arjen.

The Only Question That Matters (2018)

When Sofia accepts Alexei’s dinner invitation, she realises she’s in for more than she bargained for. As the AMS Celestial Dream arrives at its destination, and their one-night stand draws to a close, Sofia must choose between newfound possibilities with Alexei and the freedom she so desperately craves.

Book cover for Chasing Sisyphus by JL Peridot

Chasing Sisyphus (2017)

Bounty hunter Adria Yuan is closing in on her target, but she’s wanted by the cops, and Detective Rhys Carver is not about to let her go. Can they set aside their differences, and their desires, to foil a conspiracy that threatens their whole city?

Published by Siren Bookstrand.

Book cover for Birdwatchers by JL Peridot

Birdwatchers (2017)

A steamy encounter on a late summer birdwatching afternoon.

“It’s quiet here. Tourists don’t hike this far up the mountain. She must know it; she doesn’t bother looking around before slipping a hand into her bikini bottom. The motion of her fingers is obvious beneath the fluttering fabric.”

Book cover for The Induction of Satine by JL Peridot

The Induction of Satine (2017)

Satine didn’t believe in lunar prisons. That is, until she got shipped out to the one on her planet’s outermost moon. There, she’s assigned to Warden Jet — a fine specimen on the facility payroll — highborn, broad shouldered, fit as fuck and intent on ‘rehabilitating’ his new charge.

Book cover for You and I by JL Peridot

You and I (2017)

“Amy” (not her real name) is caught between a guy she has nothing in common with, except in the bedroom, and the boy she’s wanted for years who doesn’t seem into her at all. Will she settle for mind-blowing sex or hold out for real love?


About Henry (2018)

Employees skirting the rules, following their desires, risking it all for that heady rush of lust. CapriLuxe Hotels and Resorts caters to an elite clientele with diverse tastes.

“I saw myself unbuttoning his shirt and pressing my forehead to his chest. I’d lick out lines like a pencil drawing and bite the soft flesh where his shoulder meets his pecs. Would his wife have done that too?”