Book cover for Chasing Sisyphus by JL Peridot

Chasing Sisyphus (2017)
Erotic romance novella

Bounty hunter Adria Yuan is closing in on her target, but she’s wanted by the cops, and Detective Rhys Carver is not about to let her go. Can they set aside their differences, and their desires, to foil a conspiracy that threatens their whole city?

Published by Siren Bookstrand.
Cover art by Harris Channing.

Book cover for Birdwatchers by JL PeridotBirdwatchers (2017)
Erotica short

A steamy encounter on a late summer birdwatching afternoon.

Cover art by Chase Horan.

Book cover for The Induction of Satine by JL PeridotThe Induction of Satine (2017)
Erotica short

Satine didn’t believe in lunar prisons. That is, until she got shipped out to the one on her planet’s outermost moon. There, she’s assigned to Warden Jet — a fine specimen on the facility payroll — highborn, broad shouldered, fit as fuck and intent on ‘rehabilitating’ his new charge.

Cover art by Chase Horan.

Book cover for You and I by JL Peridot

You and I (2017)
Erotica short

“Amy” (not her real name) is caught between a guy she has nothing in common with, except in the bedroom, and the boy she’s wanted for years who doesn’t seem into her at all. Will she settle for mind-blowing sex or hold out for real love?