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JL Peridot

love letters to the future


JL Peridot (sometimes credited as "J.L. Peridot") writes love letters to the future on devices from the past. Her latest flash fiction, Iteration Eleven, is cyberpunk quiet horror featuring that uncanny sense of déjà vu. You can find it in Issue #3 of HyphenPunk Magazine.

You can keep up with her work via her blog and personal newsletter.


HyphenPunk Issue #3 available now

Cover of HyphenPunk Issue #3

I'm absolutely honoured to have my cyberpunk flash fiction story Iteration Eleven included in Issue #3 of HyphenPunk magazine, available now from major e-retailers.

Established in February of 2021, HyphenPunk is a magazine that focuses on the human condition through the lens of the postmodern. Cyberpunk, steampunk, dieselpunk, solarpunk, and other methods are engines that allow an aspect of what it means to be alive to be examined in a microcosm.

Sometimes that means high action, sometimes that means deep philosophy. It always means a great story.

Grab your copy publisher-direct through HyphenPunk's Ko-fi or through other retailers including Amazon.


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About JL

JL Peridot writes love letters to the future on devices from the past. She's a qualified computer scientist, former website maker, amateur horticulturist, and sometimes illustrator. But most of the time, she's an author of romantic science fiction. She lives with her partner and fur-family in Boorloo (Perth, Australia) on Whadjuk Noongar country.

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