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What I'm doing now

5-star Cottage

Finished the first draft of my "weird fiction" short story. I'm not confident it meets the requiremetns of the genre, but writing it was certainly an interesting experience. The narrative style, the subject matter, the mood—I like to think I've learned something new.

Shoulder physio

My physio has suggested the pain I feel is no longer the pain of injury. It's still disheartening to feel it, but we are seeing some progress. From here, it's a matter of rebuilding strength and re-training the nerves and muscles. Learned an interesting thing: strong shoulders come from strong glutes 🤯

Reviewing my relationship with social media

Nine or so months ago, I decided to make a conscious effort to observe and analyse how I use social media. I wish I'd written things down now, but generally, it involved keeping a meta-view on my thought processes, feelings and impacts around social media use. I have a few more "mini-studies" to to, but hopefully I'll have a better understanding of how I should be using social media, given my own tendencies and limitations.

Assessing my new normal

The first half of 2020 has given me a lot to think about—how I work, how I live, what's important to me; what my needs are, what my limitations are. As much as I wanted June to be a productive writing month, I've spent more time learning, analysing and planning.

I don't want the second half of the year to just be a continuation of my life thus far. For a number of reasons, I feel like I'm going into a new chapter. There's a ship about to launch, and if I'm not on it, I'll regret it for the rest of my life.

Well, there's still 11 days of the month left, and I'm still assessing.


Updated 19 Jun 2020 from Perth, Australia.

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