What I'm doing now

Project "Lacewing"

A sci-fi romance novelette currently being drafted. I'm excited for this story because it's the first one I've pants more than planned or plantsed in a long time. I'd forgotten the utter joy of just having a drafting romp.

Yet We Sleep, We Dream

Yet We Sleep, We Dream is a steamy science-fantasy romcom. Enjoy a little space, a little horticulture, a little ancient god action, and a little over nine months before this one hits the shelves.

This manuscript has just been cleared by my sensitivity reader — phew!! Final revisions due to start soon.

Other things...

Who am I? 👩🏻‍💻

Hey there, I'm JL. I write love letters to the future most often in the form of novels, novellas and other types of fiction. If you're curious, you can check out my books and stories, and keep up with my work via Dot Club (my email newsletter) or my blog.

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