What I'm doing now

Yet We Sleep, We Dream

Yet We Sleep, We Dream is now available at online retailers and locally in paperback format within Australia at Stefen's Books in Perth.

Project "Lacewing"

A sci-fi romance novelette that I can't say much about yet, except that it's a time travel romance. After researching a bunch of science I have no business sticking my nose into, I'm now most of the way through the first draft with the remainder of the story plotted.

Really excited to get to share this story with you. It's a project born of fun times, and I feel ever so lucky getting to do this with writers I call friends.

Enjoying Kambarang

Had the weirdest experience a couple weeks ago. I got home one hot and sunny afternoon to a single raincloud passing overhead. It drizzled for like, five seconds over just my place and the house behind us, and then carried on. Every time I tell this story, I suspect no one believes me. But it happened.

I don't think there was anything special about where I was standing, except maybe there was a bit of greenery in the area? Maybe some convectiony updraft from the neighbour's dark roof condensed the moisture in the cloud for just a moment? I wonder what kinds of things gardeners and house residents can do to affect microclimates in a hyperlocal region. Weather is weird and interesting. Maybe I'll blog about this one day or research it for a story.

Many of the flowers that previously bloomed have died and are now wilting. The air smells like fermented nectar and increasingly like warm brick and concrete. Five weeks to summer holidays and counting!

Other things...

Who am I? 👩🏻‍💻

Hey there, I'm JL. I write love letters to the future most often in the form of novels, novellas and other types of fiction. If you're curious, you can check out my books and stories, and keep up with my work via Dot Club (my email newsletter) or my blog.

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