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What I'm doing now

Tidying up my digital footprint

This means closing accounts I no longer use, winding down profiles I wish to use less, and generally making more room in my life for things I want to do more of (ahem, writing!), and for new things I'd like to try.

The Basilica Conspiracy

Currently working on Sins of the Other while my first draft for The Dragon's Den percolates in the corner. Any updates on this will be shared on my blog.

Project H

I'm taking a laid-back approach with this project, as it's huge and has a steep learning curve. Any updates on this will be shared in Dot Club.

Folding proteins

I'm a slow but active participant in the Folding@home program. Folding@home is a distributed computing project that borrows processing power from computers all over the world to perform calculations for medical research. Check out the Team NewRomancers page for more information on the program, and how you can join my team.


Updated 11 Sep 2020 from Perth, Australia.

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Who am I?

Hey there, I'm JL. I write love stories and more, often with cosmopolitan retrofuture flavours, but sometimes contemporary erotic ones too. If you're curious, you can check out my books and some free stories on my homepage. I keep in touch with my readers through Dot Club (my email newsletter) and my blog.

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