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What I'm doing now

Project Clay

I'm up to Act III and have only just begun to really love writing this novel. It's a world I don't mind escaping to now that I'm more familiar with it. It's tricky to write around the crossover of genres, and I'm seeing where my skills fall short. But it's very exciting to push myself and learn something new. This book is coming in 2023.

Reading a lot

Since quitting social media, I have been reading a lot. It's made me feel better about life, as it's giving me time to process everything going on in the world. Right now, I'm reading a novella by an author who I think might be my all-time favourite. Every second chapter gives me shivers not just for the compelling story but for how beautifully it's written. This 60+ year old Irishman is like some 1337 h4x0r who's cracked the code of my brain and emotions.

Folding proteins

I'm a slow but active participant in the Folding@home program. Folding@home is a distributed computing project that borrows processing power from computers all over the world to perform calculations for medical research. Check out the Team NewRomancers page for more information on the program, and how you can join my team.


Updated 12 May 2022 from Perth, Australia.

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Who am I?

Hey there, I'm JL. I write love letters to the future, often with cosmopolitan retrofuture flavours, but sometimes contemporary erotic ones too. If you're curious, you can check out my books and some free stories on my homepage. I am in possession of a Twitter account, but don't use it. Instead, I keep in touch with my readers through Dot Club (my email newsletter) and my blog.

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