JL Peridot

love letters to the future

About Henry — A Novella

About the book


Erotica novella, 14,000 words

MF, asian heroine, interracial, non-monogamy, erotic, Australian

"Let me tell you about Henry. I could get fired for this, but what the hell."

Julie was perfectly fine, admiring the rich American Henry Aston from afar. That is, until he asked her out to dinner. But there’s just one problem: CapriLuxe Perth has a strict policy against employees fraternising with the guests.

Sorry, two problems: Henry Aston’s married.

ABOUT HENRY: A NOVELLA presents JL Peridot’s hot contemporary erotica short story, originally published in the notorious CapriLuxe Chronicles anthology, and featured on The Good Bits website and podcast.

It also includes the follow-up story, ABOUT HER, where we discover what happened when the Astons got back from their road trip; what happened after a chance meeting in a cocktail bar on the other side of town; and what happened when Henry finally introduced Julie to his wife.


He hadn’t shaved yet. That salt-and-pepper beard made his shapely chest and washboard abs look all the more enticing. I go crazy for a tight set of obliques. His voice was gravelly, like he’d just woken up. He asked for a negroni with two slices of orange. Mate, you can have whatever you want. Even a breakfast cocktail.