The Beating of Our Hearts

His touch is strong, confident; not an ounce of hesitation or uncertainty when he moves with me. He wants to be here. His palm on my lower back says so. His firm arm around my body says so. The heat of his leg between mine says so, and it feels so fucking good.

Serial Novella

Dani and Rao have an unusual friendship. For starters, their home aboard the AMS Celestial Dream is also home to Rao’s two girlfriends, Tammy and Jo. And when Dani’s deadbeat boyfriend dumps her out of the blue, Rao finds his friendly feelings taking a heavier turn—especially after he learns a secret about Dani’s new toy boy, Arjen.

The Beating of Our Hearts is a story of sex and friendship; of trust and exploration; of honesty, betrayal and love.

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MF / erotica / futuristic / polyamory / softdom