Status Update September ’19

I've been terrible with falling into rabbit holes this year. When my mind fixates on things—projects, drafts, games, etc.—I tend to shut myself off and not post as much as I'd like to. Left unchecked, the habit can fall away entirely, and then I'm just an unshowered recluse in a suburban study. Well, I promised … Continue reading Status Update September ’19

WIP report — The Dragon’s Den (68,828)

Word count: 68,828 🖋 THE FIRST DRAFT IS FINISHED AAAAYYYYAAAAAA! I don't hate it. It's not a dumpster fire. Turns out I am the dumpster fire when in the 60–99% realm of a project—every project. But that's a story for another day. This week, after someone asked the question on Twitter, I thought about how … Continue reading WIP report — The Dragon’s Den (68,828)