The Induction of Satine — out now

What’s got two thumbs and was so busy this week, she missed her own book release?


The Induction of Satine is now available on Amazon and other big ebook retailers. I’m rather excited about this one. All the feedback I’ve had on it so far — from beta readers, dotters, tweeps — has been very positive. It began as a personal writing challenge, and took on a life of its own once I got to know the characters.

I hope you like it. I’ve been asked to turn it into a series, which I’m genuinely considering, but don’t want to force it. The little world of Bellerophon ticks over in my mind — as does my fascination with Warden Jet.

Book cover: "The Induction of Satine"

A week in bullet points

I’m still reeling from the weekend just gone. It wasn’t strictly a “beach holiday”, because we hung out for an hour or so in a forest too. But some of the best moments were spent in fresh air with sand wedged in my toes and other crevices.

We got home on Sunday, and it’s been go go go since then. First, to some afternoon sporting commitments, then crashing on the couch. Then work on Monday, meetings, appointments, then pretty much everything in the world except sitting down to write and catch up on Twitter and other things like that.

But it’s now half six on a Wednesday and I’m ready to start my week 😬

In the rearview

  • My novel, Chasing Sisyphus, is now on Amazon. I’m very excited about this. I have a Kindle and as a former web designer, I’m so impressed with how easy it is to just get a book. That my novella (not just a hot short) is now part of this ecosystem gives me a warm fuzzy feeling 💖
  • Birdwatchers came out a few weeks ago and I haven’t looked at forest hikes the same way since 💋 It’s had some wonderful and encouraging reviews on Goodreads. Check it out?
  • I canned my serial novel. Totally canned it. It seems there wasn’t enough science fiction in the story to keep me interested. Now I’m drafting up a romance set in space, and the vibe’s got me.
  • Speaking of space, Erotica For All published my guest post on building the world for The Induction of Satine. Want to see?

What I’m working on

  • A new space romance (yet untitled). I expected to have it out by Christmas, but now that Divinity: Original Sin 2 is out, I may have to do a Burial. It is coming, though. It is.
  • A new novel called The Dragon’s Den. Details later, though I can say upfront that it’s not a fantasy novel. I have been thinking of dabbling in fantasy romance, but not for this one.
  • A metric fuckton of guest posts for my blog tour.

Coming up

  • Stay tuned — a new free read is coming up this Friday, right here on this blog.
  • Next month’s newsletter will include exclusive subscriber access to a WIP scene from my new, yet untitled, space romance.
  • Blog tour for Chasing Sisyphus starts December. Details coming soon.

That’s it for today. Time to go play some games get some work done I don’t even know anymore.

Styling for Satine

With my short story, The Induction of Satine, releasing next month, I thought I’d share some character work for the eponymous heroine, Satine Luna.

One of my favourite thinking games is the casting game, where you imagine a beloved book as a movie or tv show, or a beloved movie remade or rebooted, and set up your own cast of actors. I play this game a lot when imagining characters for my stories. Even a very short story like Birdwatchers gets the brain treatment, though to a lesser extent than a novella like Chasing Sisyphus.

I’m currently loving Emma Stone as my model for Satine. She has those sly facial features that would easily typecast her as a thief. I quite like the look of Rhianna, Vivian Hsu and Olivia Wilde as well, for different variations of this character.

Since putting pen to paper, I’ve had a very strong image of her in my head. Red hair, green eyes, smooth skin, lips that taper off in sharp corners on the edges of her mouth. But note, you won’t find a description in this book. I left it out on purpose, because it’s inconsequential to the story. If there are more stories in future, maybe it’ll come up then, but for now, dear reader, Satine is yours to style (assuming I haven’t ruined it for you already).

Entirely through fault of her own, our brainy yet misguided vixen finds herself running with the infamous thieves’ guild, the Night Foxes, stealing trinkets and secrets from rich people. Until one day — no spoilers — she gets caught. That’s where our fun begins.

The Induction of Satine comes out 7th Nov.



Rest, relaxation and rthings coming

8pm moon rise over the water and town lights

My partner and I hit the road last week. Originally, I’d planned on having a sort-of writing retreat, but as we packed up to go, I realised what I was most looking forward to was just getting the fuck away from everything normal. I’ve been literally (literarily?) working out a lot this year and needed some recovery and nutrition.

We’re home now and I actually feel motivated to clean the house. A little. 🙂 Writing and reading and Netflix will be my little rewards once I’m done with the dishes and today’s fitness stuff. Guess I best smash out this post and get back to it.

In the rearview

  • I wrote very little. Pretty much nothing, in fact. Even in the days before we left, I decided/accepted this week would be for sorting bits of my life outside of writing. There’s still more to do, and I hope I go into next week with a more balanced approach.
  • The holiday was fabulous! We ate, we drank, we played games and did touristy things around Western Australia’s jolly Margaret River Region. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend The Pour House (a pub in Dunsborough), Margaret River Venison (try the roo biltong), the Whale Lookout Walk at Cape Naturaliste (Sep-Nov), and Corrynne’s Soap Factory in Dunsborough.
  • The serial novel — after three chapters, I still like the story, but the setting bores me to tears. Back to the drawing board!
  • You and I got the loveliest review the other day. I feel ever so encouraged and hope my future work lives up to those wonderful comments from Evie.

What I’m working on

  • Another steamy short story. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • My next novel (novella). More on that soon.

Coming up

  • Chasing Sisyphus drops on Tuesday! Preorders open on The book should be available on Amazon by late October.
  • The Induction of Satine comes to Amazon and Smashwords in less than 2 months, but newsletter subscribers get it free and now until Nov 30.
  • My first blog tour starts in December. I’ll have more details on that soon.

That’s it for now. Back to exercise and housework. #realwriterlife