The Induction of Satine β€” out now

What's got two thumbs and was so busy this week, she missed her own book release? πŸ‘πŸ˜¬πŸ‘ Me. The Induction of Satine is now available on Amazon and other big ebook retailers. I'm rather excited about this one. All the feedback I've had on it so far β€” from beta readers, dotters, tweeps β€” has … Continue reading The Induction of Satine β€” out now

A week in bullet points

I'm still reeling from the weekend just gone. It wasn't strictly a "beach holiday", because we hung out for an hour or so in a forest too. But some of the best moments were spent in fresh air with sand wedged in my toes and other crevices. We got home on Sunday, and it's been … Continue reading A week in bullet points