Cover Reveal: It Starts With A Kiss

Oops, I'm a little late with this! If you've been following me on social media, you'll have already seen this gorgeous Sophia LeRoux cover for my upcoming book, It Starts With A Kiss. I love it. The colours, the vibe, the mesh heart, which—sorry for being a tech tragic—I'm picturing made of copper wires embedded … Continue reading Cover Reveal: It Starts With A Kiss

I’ve joined the Kyanite family

Heeeeeey, so that office romance manuscript has been accepted by Kyanite Publishing. I'm over the bloody moon about this. I've had a professional crush on this publisher since I first heard of them. Contract's signed, ink is dry and I'm now a part of the Kyanite family 🙌 Weeeeee! The book is slated for later in the year. Stay … Continue reading I’ve joined the Kyanite family

WIP report – The Dragon’s Den (17,520)

Word count: 17,520 / 35,000 Well, I missed the CampNaNo deadline, but I made it halfway to my target word count and am still in act one. This instalment of the Basilica Conspiracy is a little more intricate than Chasing Sisyphus. We're peeling back the layers of why Governor Miyamoto was targeted. We get a glimpse of … Continue reading WIP report – The Dragon’s Den (17,520)