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I’ve joined the Kyanite family

Heeeeeey, so that office romance manuscript has been accepted by Kyanite Publishing. I'm over the bloody moon about this. I've had a professional crush on this publisher since I first heard of them. Contract's signed, ink is dry and I'm now a part of the Kyanite family 🙌 Weeeeee! The book is slated for later in the year. Stay… Continue reading I’ve joined the Kyanite family


WIP report – The Dragon’s Den (17,520)

Word count: 17,520 / 35,000 Well, I missed the CampNaNo deadline, but I made it halfway to my target word count and am still in act one. This instalment of the Basilica Conspiracy is a little more intricate than Chasing Sisyphus. We're peeling back the layers of why Governor Miyamoto was targeted. We get a glimpse of… Continue reading WIP report – The Dragon’s Den (17,520)

Silhouette of a couple kissing under a night sky. Book cover for "The Only Question That Matters" by JL Peridot.
Book News

The Only Question That Matters – preorder now

Preorders now available for my upcoming release, The Only Question That Matters, an emotional love story set aboard the luxurious AMS Celestial Dream. Sofia boarded at Pellegrini station, fresh from an unfulfilling marriage that lasted too long and consumed too much. All she wants is a fresh start, freedom, independence—she expects to find it all on Planet… Continue reading The Only Question That Matters – preorder now