Fresh Find: Golden Shana by A P von K’Ory

Prose that flows—it really gets me going. Just a couple of lines from the blurb was enough to slip A P von K'Ory's Golden Shana trilogy right up inside my TBR pile. There's an irreverence to her style. Whether you'd call it arrogant or adept certainly depends on the circumstances. Right now, I call it arousing … Continue reading Fresh Find: Golden Shana by A P von K’Ory

Cover Reveal: Chasing Sisyphus

In less than a month, my first novel, Chasing Sisyphus, hits the shelves. Can I still say "hits the shelves"? We're talking primarily digital, so... hits the online catalogues at major book retailers? Yes, that. 🙂 About Chasing Sisyphus Available from September 12, 2017. A futuristic action-adventure suspense novel set in Basilica City, the capital metropolis on the … Continue reading Cover Reveal: Chasing Sisyphus