New book: Birdwatchers — ARC access available

I have a new book coming out on 4th OctBirdwatchers is a short read about an erotic encounter on a late summer birdwatching afternoon. I mean “short read” like 10 pages… maybe more depending on how your ebook reader does its calculation.

Check it out on Smashwords or wait until it appears on my Amazon author page.

Birdwatchers cover

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New Story: You and I – Part 4

Just one question changes everything. Or does it? The penultimate instalment of “You and I” is now up on Noveltrove:

The clock outside strikes the hour. Our shirts lie in a tangle on the floor. My bra joins them. His breath is on my neck now, and I’m not sure why we keep this to ourselves.

It’s been a good week. I wanted to experiment a little with the style, and once I got started, the words just flowed.

Which was odd, in hindsight, as I had originally imagined this scene very differently to how it turned out. It was meant to be at a party, “Amy” was meant to have plenty of time to think. But in the end, she had very little time.

Like “Amy”, in the end, I had very little time to choreograph this piece, since it didn’t end up going according to plan. I hope it reads as smoothly as it felt quite writing.

New Story: You and I – Part 3

“Amy” (not her real name) has a lot going on inside, but real life (or as real as it gets in a story) doesn’t always work that way. The latest part is up now on Noveltrove Erotica:

The cut of your v-line surprises me. It really shouldn’t. I’ve seen you countless times, shirt off, passed out drunk exactly where I’m lying now. But not like this, I suppose.

I’ve been reading a variety of erotica writing styles lately. It’s always interesting to gauge the difference in effect between long, drawn-out descriptions vs short, sharp, punchy wording. Someone once told me with erotica, you’re essentially writing for impact. I guess that’s true, but I’m sure every style has an impact on someone.

For myself, I like a combination of long wordings and blunt wordings. The contrast really does it for me, even if it’s not always graceful or pretty. That said, I enjoyed the super descriptive scenes in Richard Morgan’s Altered Carbon just as much as I liked the grossly under-described scenes in Lee Child’s Killing Floor, so mixing styles isn’t always necessary to have an impact on me. I guess it just depends on what the rest of the narrative is like, and the mood of the story.


Img via Engin_Akyurt (CC0)