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I’ve joined the Kyanite family

Heeeeeey, so that office romance manuscript has been accepted by Kyanite Publishing. I'm over the bloody moon about this. I've had a professional crush on this publisher since I first heard of them. Contract's signed, ink is dry and I'm now a part of the Kyanite family 🙌 Weeeeee! The book is slated for later in the year. Stay… Continue reading I’ve joined the Kyanite family

Diary, Music

WIP report — The Dragon’s Den (32,700)

Word count: 32,700 / 35,000 ✒️ There's a lot more intrigue in this instalment of The Basilica Conspiracy. I've found when I get stuck in a scene, it's because I haven't properly explored how all the clues in the crime have come together. My head gets lost in a logic haze, which seems to put… Continue reading WIP report — The Dragon’s Den (32,700)

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The Beating of Our Hearts — now on Wattpad

Dani and Rao have an unusual friendship. For starters, their home aboard the AMS Celestial Dream is also home to Rao's two girlfriends, Tammy and Jo. And when Dani's deadbeat boyfriend dumps her out of the blue, Rao finds his friendly feelings taking a heavier turn—especially after he learns a little secret about Dani's new… Continue reading The Beating of Our Hearts — now on Wattpad