Excerpt: (a still-untitled WIP)

red lips

I’ve been playing with erotica that’s less along the literary lines. Just a simple story, this recent WIP. Have a look:

“Say it,” he instructed.

A smile twitched in the corners of her lips. And her eyes — damn, those eyes — they twinkled when she looked at him that way. She glanced up at the straps that bound her. The way the light flickered and played off the curve of her jaw stoked a wave of desire in him.

This woman who’d stolen his heart could awaken his body with only a wink. She was teasing him. It was working.

But he still wanted to hear her say it, and he would have his way.

Not 100% sure what my plans are for this story yet, but I like how it’s shaping up.

Img via DominÖ (CC BY-SA)

Excerpt: The Induction of Satine (WIP)

Excerpt from a current work in progress – a futuristic erotica piece, titled The Induction of Satine.

“Warden, she’s in your care now,” my captor nodded and handed me over. He spun about face and strode back to his ship.

Jet gave my arm a gentle squeeze and a calm washed over me. A sedative, no doubt. As we walked, I couldn’t help but stare at his spray of soft brown hair, bouncing with each step. His eyes were blue, striking, and his face held a firm but kind expression.

Very good looking, with strong, toned arms that guided me through the door of a small office, sat me down in a soft chair. They flexed as he moved. I barely noticed him hooking my cuffs to the table.

Admin first. He asked my name: Satine Luna.

“Luna,” he repeated. “You know, on some planets, that means ‘moon’.”

As if I hadn’t heard that one before. Normally, I’d roll my eyes and offer a snappy comeback, but I was lulled, fixated on the curve of his collarbone, his cool demeanour, and the tiny crease in the corner of his cheek when he smiled.

He introduced himself as Kensington Jet. Athletic build, highborn accent; of course he’d have a name like that. I asked what I should call him. He said “Warden Jet” would do.

Warden Jet. I imagined him lying on top of me on a warm day. No, a hot day. On a beach somewhere back on… on—

Maybe another couple more edit rounds before this one is ready. I’m excited to share this story with you. More news to come on release dates.


Img via Andrew-Art (CC0)