Excerpt: The World Laid Out For Him (WIP)

Soy una mala mujer. I'm cheating on The Dragon's Den with a couple other writing projects. Want to see a sample? This is from a piece called The World Laid Out For Him, a portion of the Danica story (where this excerpt came from). I hope you likey. 💃🏻🕺🏾 Later, I find Joanna at the bar. She’s … Continue reading Excerpt: The World Laid Out For Him (WIP)

The Rhythm and The Drum

“Shall I continue?” he asks me. But before I can answer, he starts again, firm hand pounding on stretched skin. Deep and hollow, warm, wooden sounds fill the room. And I can’t help but move, taken by the beat while I watch the snakes on his shoulders writhing, full of life. It’s in my belly, … Continue reading The Rhythm and The Drum