Fresh Find: Law & Disorder by Olivia Arnold

It's been a while since I last indulged in Suits, and there's this solid craving for a lawyer story that's gone unsatisfied. Well, imagine my delight when I learned Aussie author Liv Arnold's new book is a romance between a lawyer and a cop. In her own words: I’ve watched the TV show Neighbours since … Continue reading Fresh Find: Law & Disorder by Olivia Arnold

Fresh Find: The Soccer Player and the Single Mom by Kyra Jacobs

They had me at "soccer player". OK, so this Scott Gillie ain't no Olivier Giroud, but who knows? Maybe by the end of this love story, I'll end up re-jigging my hotlist. Meet the Author: Kyra Jacobs is an extroverted introvert who has always called Indiana home. That means she’s well versed in fickle weather, … Continue reading Fresh Find: The Soccer Player and the Single Mom by Kyra Jacobs

Redefining Masculinity: Gillette Ad Controversy

I quite like the message in that ad. Charlton‘s post from the other day gave a few things to think about. This, in particular, stood out to me:

To sum it up, the message is: we can be better. We can be the role models our sons need us to be. We only need to be kinder to one another.

Forbidden Writings

This morning, I learned about the new ad campaign created by Gillette to raise awareness about toxic masculinity in our society. My initial reaction to the ad was a positive one. I was very happy to see that the issue of violence as a prevalent factor of masculinity was being brought to light, and it brought a smile to my face. However, when I looked at the replies to this ad on Twitter, then on Youtube, and began to cringe uncontrollably at vitriolic response Gillette was receiving. many of which varied from “You’re saying all men are bad now?” to “Not buying Gillette ever again” and my personal favorite here:

“Like every other company that wants to get in on the social justice movement that will pay in sails.”

Yeah…. ‘pay in sails’.

I had a bit of a knee-jerk reaction to this on Twitter earlier this morning as I…

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Fresh Find: Golden Shana by A P von K’Ory

Prose that flows—it really gets me going. Just a couple of lines from the blurb was enough to slip A P von K'Ory's Golden Shana trilogy right up inside my TBR pile. There's an irreverence to her style. Whether you'd call it arrogant or adept certainly depends on the circumstances. Right now, I call it arousing … Continue reading Fresh Find: Golden Shana by A P von K’Ory