Preorder now — It Starts With A Kiss

My feelgood office romance, It Starts With A Kiss, is now available for preorder through Kyanite Publishing. I'm over the moon — not literally, of course. Earth gravity still has its hold on me. Preorder It Start With A Kiss now More than a romance novel, this is a parting gift to an old chapter … Continue reading Preorder now — It Starts With A Kiss

Cover Reveal: It Starts With A Kiss

Oops, I'm a little late with this! If you've been following me on social media, you'll have already seen this gorgeous Sophia LeRoux cover for my upcoming book, It Starts With A Kiss. I love it. The colours, the vibe, the mesh heart, which—sorry for being a tech tragic—I'm picturing made of copper wires embedded … Continue reading Cover Reveal: It Starts With A Kiss

Interviewed on Romancing the Book

My interview with Romancing the Book is up. Have a look: Interview: JL Peridot — Romancing The Book Thank you, Jen, for the interesting questions. That one about celebrating really made me stop and think. It reminded me of why I write, and I suspect a lot of writers my age have that sort of … Continue reading Interviewed on Romancing the Book

I’ve joined the Kyanite family

Heeeeeey, so that office romance manuscript has been accepted by Kyanite Publishing. I'm over the bloody moon about this. I've had a professional crush on this publisher since I first heard of them. Contract's signed, ink is dry and I'm now a part of the Kyanite family 🙌 Weeeeee! The book is slated for later in the year. Stay … Continue reading I’ve joined the Kyanite family