A hot toddy is a hug for your stomach

Scuze the swears, but it’s fucking hot in Perth at the moment.

HOWEVER when someone gives me the chance to talk about my favourite winter cocktail, you bloody well bet I’ll take it. I’m over at Cathy Brockman‘s blog today, sharing my take on the traditional Hot Toddy, as it was shared with me by a handful of bartenders and whisky appreciators around town.

A tray of hot toddy ingredients.

In case you’re rocking the southern hemisphere with me, there’s also a bonus how-to for a Cold Toddy. Though to be honest, the Summer Mary is my all-time favourite for a warm weather cocktail.

Let’s talk about Cathy’s giveaway

Yep, Cathy is running a huge giveaway. I’m talking a bumper prize pack featuring a Kindle Fire, gift cards and ebooks—including a Kindle copy of my baby, It Starts With A Kiss.

Get your entries in using the Rafflecopter form at the end of the blog post. Best of luck! And, of course, all the best for the holiday season.

Grand Prize Package giveaway

Text in img: Come hang out with us as we share decorations, recipes and give a Kindle, gift cards, ebooks and audios to make your holiday brighter

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