WIP report — The Dragon’s Den (68,828)

Word count: 68,828 🖋


I don’t hate it. It’s not a dumpster fire. Turns out I am the dumpster fire when in the 60–99% realm of a project—every project. But that’s a story for another day.

This week, after someone asked the question on Twitter, I thought about how many WIPs I have on the go. I’m managing my workaholic tendencies better these days, only actively working on one major manuscript at a time, but here’s what my in-progress shelf looks like at the moment:

  • One first draft at 100%
  • Another first draft at 100% 🏕 The Dragon’s Den
  • One first draft at 90%
  • One first draft at 20% 💕 Beating
  • One outline ready to start drafting

That’s all accumulated over the course of the last 12 months, which, I think, isn’t a terrible effort.

I’ve written this list out on a post-it and stuck it to my monitor. I often feel terrible for not working harder and publishing more. Having a list like this tells me that maybe I’m working a reasonable amount and that it’s OK not to be publishing all the time. Writing is my day job and my night job, and I worked my arse off to set up a foundation like this. So, here and now, it’s OK to not work sometimes.

Now that Camp Nano is over, I’m taking a break. My reward for finishing this manuscript was getting to play with a not-novel project—a couple, actually. I’m really excited about them and will tell you more another time.

Also sorting out a heap of life admins and catching up with a mountain studying, reading and viewing. And spending time with my loved ones. Even with healthier work-life balance, first-drafting tends to take over my life—N and the cats put up with a lot.

If you’re a Dot Dot Dot subscriber, keep an eye on your inbox. Sometime in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sending out details for a new giveaway.

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