WIP report — The Dragon’s Den (53,183)

Word count: 53,183 ✒️

Well, hooty tooty, this WIP has hit 53k words and there’s still so much more to tell.

It’s, without doubt, a hot mess and I hope another 10k words will turn it into a proper dumpster fire. However, I’m reassured by pretty much the entire internet that this is acceptable for a first draft.

Next month, I’ll be doing Camp NaNoWriMo again to try and finish this fucking manuscript. Arrrrgh;lakdjflk;wej~

I don’t hate it, I’m just frustrated about getting stuck time and again for all manner of reasons.

But no matter. It’ll happen. Deep breath. Sip of tea. Hmmm.

Moss from "The IT Crowd" types at his computer while something burns beside him.

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