WIP report — The Dragon’s Den (43,954)

Word count: 43,954 / 50,000 ✒️

My Camp NaNo was a bit of a fail, but I’m totally OK with that. Just before writing, I took a long hard look at the WIP for The Dragon’s Den and jiggled a few things around. It meant instead of picking up where I left off, upping the word count and doing a big edit/rewrite of what I already had before getting to the new material.

But it’s fine. Camp NaNo is over, but I’m back on the horse for this manuscript. Fancy an excerpt?

The data transmitter weighed heavy in her pocket. It was the size of her thumb, but the weight of it dragged when she shifted her weight. That was all she’d leave behind today, as per the instructions on the dossier.

Behind her, the footsteps peaked in a brusque touch of an elbow across her back.

“Excuse me.”

Over her shoulder, a young intern hurried a wobbling tray to the exit.

Adria’s fists unclenched in her sleeves. How naïve of her to think her struggles were over. She’d been fighting almost all her life. Her brother had been sick all his life. Why would a boyfriend and some rich kid’s hush money change any of that?

Anyway, the money was gone now. And in its absence, reality set in. Joel still needed more treatment. And she couldn’t ask Rhys for help because she was still wanted by his department. On a detective’s salary, any help from him would leave a trail that led straight back to her.

Would he have helped her anyway? She was starting to doubt it. He’d been distant for a while, maybe getting bored of playing Romeo and Juliet with someone he had on file. Not that she could blame him. They’d spent a whole year sneaking around, looking over their shoulder. Not exactly happily ever after. Their fight that very morning proved it. Happy anniversary, dear.

The doors swung behind the intern and re-settled. Adria was on her own.

Just like she’d always been.

Still with light footing, she wove through display after display of memorabilia. The first scalpel that cut open a Zaddash exoskeleton. The first vial that ever held the sticky goo remaining after immediate decomposition of Zaddash insides. The first microscope that observed the molecular makeup of alien armour.

The biomedical gallery was huge. If she didn’t already know it was sponsored by the Vanderwelts, she would have made a good guess.

Around the corner, someone coughed.

More to come.

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