Plans for 2019

Anyone else’s new year starting late?

I decided to take a break over Christmas, reflect on my year and really consider the next twelve months. 2018 was undeniably a rough year in this part of town. For anyone who doesn’t know, I lost two family members and came close to losing a third. Amidst all that, I got sick twice and struggled with some inner turmoil about life and choices.

But I wouldn’t call it a bad year. Every dark cloud turned out to be a lesson in who I can count on, whose support is right for me in bad times, and who I can support well in turn.

I released a novella, got published in the CapriLuxe Chronicles, published a hot flash, signed with Kyanite Publishing, and became friends with other writers whose work I adore.

Here’s what really revved my engine 🚗🔥

  • Evolving my writing voice and learning new techniques
  • Developing the universe around Basilica City and the AMS Celestial Dream
  • Collaborating with other authors and seeing my work alongside theirs
  • Chatting with the writers I follow hardest on Twitter
  • Reading a Chuck Tingle Book 🦄

Here’s what made me question the point of it all 😒

  • Too much social media
  • Too many email newsletters
  • Creative cycles that dragged on forever without publishing
  • Not enough time to read

I’ve realised I like to and am capable of writing longer stories. After CapriLuxe, I also realise I like the camaraderie and feeling of belonging that comes submitting anthology work.

I regret not putting out shorter, snappier stories like The Rhythm and The Drum. I really enjoyed the challenge and pace of putting that together and kind of want to do it more.

So here’s what I’m aiming for in 2019 👉

More short stories
Anthology submissions, timely challenges, hot flashes for this blog, bits for Dot Dot Dot, and so on. Yeah, it’s kind of the opposite of last year’s “longer stories” goal, but maybe we can find a happy medium.

Taming my social media habits
Not stopping, just… honing. Being a little more selective about how I use my time, rather constantly checking my feeds. Maybe timeboxing. We’ll see. If you have any tips for me, I’d love to hear them!

Launch It Starts With A Kiss
It comes out this September, published by Kyanite Publishing. It’s a Brit/Aussie-styled office romance, set on a space station on the edge of our solar system. I’m very much looking forward to sharing this book with you.

And here’s what I’m hoping to do in 2019 🤞

Thank you so much, dear friends and readers, for following me and my work this year. However you celebrate, I hope you had a wonderful festive season. May your new year be filled with joy, laughter, love, fun and both sweet and mind-blowing sex 💋

3 thoughts on “Plans for 2019

  1. I can totally relate to the time suck that is social media…I spend WAYYY too much time on there most days. Maybe just limiting yourself to a half hour a day (or whatever chunk of time feels reasonable to you) would help? And I love your writing goals! SO excited to read anything you have in the pipeline 🙂 You’re amazing, JL! I’d read the phone book if you wrote it 🙂

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