The weed that cracks the grout

Hello, I’m alive. Everything’s fine. I’m fine. Just horrendously absent from everything but my Scrivener install. I’ve been suffering from information overload lately. The deluge of emails, ads and other random things that popped up across my online life over the Thanksgiving marketing cycle just took it out of me… and I know the upcoming Christmas cycle will be more of the same.

It’s also Kambarang (early summer) here in WA, and a very odd one at that. We’re bouncing between super hot days and chilly, windy evenings right now. It’s left me with no mood for anything but extreme focus or extreme indulgence activities. Basically writing, voluntary physical pain (eg. exercise), eating & drinking, socialising (gasp!) and whatever pops up in my day job (more writing, some design).

But here’s what’s what at the moment…

It Starts With A Kiss is set for release in 2019, not in July like the tweet says. Kyanite is reviewing their schedule for next year. Stay tuned for the new date soon.

New instalment of The Beating of Our Hearts is on the way. It was meant to come out in October (I think), but many things got in the way.

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Still working on The Dragon’s Den, albeit slowly. Doing it as a NaNo rebel was a fail, but I did get things going with a new writing buddy, which I felt was a win too. Swings and roundabouts.

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Finished the first draft of Sunset on a Distant World. I’m very happy with this story, though the manuscript needs a lot of work. The edit begins as soon as I’ve finished the first draft of The Dragon’s Den… 😬

And here’s a bunch of stuff on my reading list atm. It’s stuff I’m keen on, but never got a chance to get stuck into properly, over the last couple of months. Give it a try. Tell me how you like it.

One thought on “The weed that cracks the grout

  1. So happy to see this update, JL! Glad you’re doing well! Busy seasons always get the best of us. I’m just SO impressed at how much you’re balancing, you brilliant, overachieving writer, you 😉

    And OMG you have no idea how much it means to read the mention of my blog in this post! THANK YOU! Totally made my evening ❤


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