WIP report — The Dragon’s Den (36,194)

Word count: 36,194 / 35,000 🤖

The Dragon’s Den WIP has now overshot where I expected it to be. I’m wary of getting excited about this, though. I’m not sure what the editing process looks like for a sequel. How much “in the last episode of…” are we supposed to have?

If I remember correctly, there were very few Ender’s Game throwbacks in Speaker for the Dead, and in the subsequent novels too. And thank fuck for that because I would have had a conniption, retracing too many steps in every book of that series. Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles were handled fantastically as well, but each book was effectively a standalone—at least, the ones I read.

I’ve parked this project for the month, while I scramble to finish the first draft of Sunset on a Distant World. That story seems to have taken over my life a bit, much in the same way The Only Question That Matters did, but in a much healthier way. The process of writing is going much faster too, so maybe there’s something to the whole “writing is a muscle” concept.

Thank you for your patience, luvlies. The Dragon’s Den will be my NaNoWriMo project, and I look forward to sharing with you all.

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