WIP report — The Dragon’s Den (32,700)

Word count: 32,700 / 35,000 ✒️

There’s a lot more intrigue in this instalment of The Basilica Conspiracy. I’ve found when I get stuck in a scene, it’s because I haven’t properly explored how all the clues in the crime have come together. My head gets lost in a logic haze, which seems to put off the probably-quite-Aspie side of me, and I lose interest.

Yesterday was a toughie for this draft, as I’ve had to focus on action scenes for a while. But today, I got stuck right into connecting the dots and smashed out 1000+ words without breaking a sweat.

Granted, it took two and a half hours, but what’s most of an evening between friends? 😬

Despite my vows and resolutions, my attention is now spread across three WIPs: The Dragon’s Den (hey, that’s what this WIP report is about!), The Beating of Our Hearts (whose official cover is still in progress) and one that my mailing list subscribers will get a sneaky peek for next week. Be sure to subscribe this weekend if you want to check it out. I promise it’s just as moody as all the other emo dreck I write 💜

And now, my lovely, I leave you with another #inspo song I can’t get enough of. This guy’s music gets under my skin so hard.

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