WIP report — The Dragon’s Den (26,066)

Word count: 26,066 / 35,000

So… I didn’t end up travelling. A last-minute family medical situation came up. It was unreal. Nobody died, thank goodness. But my immediate family redirected all their trajectories to little old Perth. The last two weeks have been intense.

think everything will go back to normal after this week. But the shake-up has given me time to think about my choice of career.

Am I cut out for writing? Can I do this long term? Do I even want to?

When times get tough, I turn to writing to re-centre myself. But if I turn to it too much, it actually throws me out of kilter. When times get tougher, I can’t write at all. Inspiration goes, motivation goes—I just don’t have energy in reserve to spin up imaginary worlds and materialise them enough to write about. (Though I wonder if intense method writing tactics might help here.)

But I do enjoy it. It’s opened my mind up to a lot of stuff. I get to learn new things now and call it a job. Friends ask how my work is going. They care. So, maybe I need to fret a little less about what the long-term looks like, and just enjoy this job for what it is today.

I’ve not written much at all in the last two weeks, but that’s OK. I wrote a bit today. I might write a bit more tonight. It’s OK. Bit by bit, I’ll get this fucking manuscript done. I live my life 750 words at a time.

5 thoughts on “WIP report — The Dragon’s Den (26,066)

  1. So sorry to hear of what happened. I hope your family member is well and that you’re doing okay. You’re absolutely right–there’s no right way to do this writing thing. Just write whenever you feel like it, as much or as little as you want. You’re an incredible writer and an even better human being–and you’re a pretty freaking spectacular writer 😀

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  2. It’s so hard when family emergencies pop up. there’s been quite a few with my family over the years and it does suck all the energy away. During this time, it’s hard enough to remember to sleep and eat. Be kind to yourself and don’t chastise yourself about not writing. You’ll do it later and that’s okay too. Hugs xx

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      1. Yes was quite intense for a very long while. We still all have health problems and so we have to be vigilant, which in itself can be tiring.

        I hope your family health emergency is not long term and hope for a speedy and full recovery. xx


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