Excerpt: The World Laid Out For Him (WIP)

Soy una mala mujer. I’m cheating on The Dragon’s Den with a couple other writing projects. Want to see a sample? This is from a piece called The World Laid Out For Him, a portion of the Danica story (where this excerpt came from).

I hope you likey.


Later, I find Joanna at the bar. She’s by herself. Tammy must be off somewhere, maybe picking up. We’re easy like that. But I’m not sure with Joanna. It’s been been weird between us lately. She’s leaning on her elbows now, sipping a blue cocktail. She stares me down with those big black eyes, and sticks out her tongue—it’s purple. Then she smiles and kisses my cheek.

“You here with me now, or is your mind still elsewhere?” she asks.

The way she says “elsewhere” is a nail, and I get the point. But what do you say to something like that? Even with a kiss, I still make her pout. She’s beautiful when she’s like this, so I kiss her again, hold her chin when she pushes her tongue in my mouth. I rub my fingers along her jaw, feeling the tiny textures and dents.

For a time, my world is liquorice and blackberry, the smell of vodka, and her soft lips on me. Her hand’s on my leg, moving where it likes to, touching what it wants.

She’s close to my ear. Her breath tickles. It’s a relief—maybe the weirdness is over now and we can get back to having fun again, just like always.

“Let’s get out of here,” she says.


“Yeah, now.” She pushes her empty glass aside and slips off the stool. “Back to the dorm. Come with me.”

She guides my hand to her waist. I know what she means. This is the one thing where I can read her loud and clear. She says almost nothing and it’s all over her body, her face, her aroma. I nod and follow her to the door. Why not? My pill’s easing off.

We take the shuttle to the service lift. Passengers don’t come this way. It gets darker and colder the closer we get. She gets me inside and pulls me to her, takes my hand again and moves it up her skirt. She’s all eye contact while I shove her panties to one side and play in the silk between her legs. Her mouth hangs open. She breathes heavy. She’s beautiful like this too.

I’m a lucky guy. I don’t take that for granted. They do a draw for the bunks and you can bid to share with people you know, but you don’t always get it. Any day, any of us could get a different assignment. Anything can change when the crew rotates. People are coming and going all the time. You don’t always know with this job.

You don’t always know.

Maybe the person you think you’ll be with forever will leave one day and not even bother to apply for the next voyage. Them’s the breaks. You gotta prepare for it, take every moment you get with people you care about.

You gotta make the most of it.

Joanna and me, we have nothing in common but this, and it’s so good. So we make the most of it. In her bed this time, with music crunching on cheap speakers, and me snapping open the buttons of her shirt. She uses rose cream at night and there’s hints of the scent on her sheets and between her little breasts, on her skin, under the sweat and the lingering smells of Club Lumière.

I hook a finger in her panties. It’s so warm and wet in there, but we need to slow down. I’m not ready to fuck her yet. Her skirt’s so tight and sticks to her body; it can stay on for now, bunched around her waist. I tug her top and bra down, but leave them around her elbows. She can still move a little—a little is enough.

It’s like she’s all tied up and helpless. But we both know she’s not helpless, and I’m not into damsels in distress, but once in a while, we pretend. She makes a show of struggling. I see the hint of a smile on her. Her eyes are fucking me as I take off my vest, my shirt, then parking my face between her legs.

She sighs and tunnels her fingers through my hair like she’s tilling soil. She’s soft and salty in my mouth. I love how she smells and tastes. It gets me going every time. My tongue finds a hundred hidden corners while her hips shift in my hands. I stretch forward and walk my fingers over her belly. She’s so slender, sometimes I think I’d break her if she wasn’t so strong.

She fell into me once. It hurt. She’s stone and steel under that pale facade. It’s not bright at all in here, but I still make out the contrast of her skin under mine. I wonder if Dani is thinking the same about the guy she left with. Are they getting down in his room, however many floors away from here?

I shouldn’t be thinking of Dani now, but I can’t help it. Your mind goes with the flow on a tacha ride. With my eyes shut, it’s Dani I’m with. It messes with me. Dani’s shorter than Jo, her body’s thicker, and I bet she’d rip my hair off if she came right now. I shove my tongue inside her, then drag it flat and slow across the surface. She moans. Her back arches.

“I want you,” she says.

Ay mami, I want you too.

Then I open my eyes. I’m back with Joanna.

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