WIP report — The Dragon’s Den (20,577)

Word count: 20,577 / 35,000 ✒️

The new manuscript honeymoon is over. Everything is a mess.

Toy train with an unamused face

Maybe this is a good sign. At least hating something means you have something to hate, which for a writer is better than having nothing at all. (I don’t really hate what I’ve got. My grumble bones just start dancing when my feet don’t spend enough time on the ground.)

Work is proving to be a challenge. The mental energy needed to shift gears between fiction and nonfiction is astounding this week. I’m on the good drugs now, though, and my cough is finally calming down.

It’s tax time, we’re running around a lot, there’s been family in town, family leaving town, and I’m flying overseas next weekend. How this manuscript will happen is a mystery right now, but I’m hoping to reach 25k by next Thursday.

Wish me luck?

2 thoughts on “WIP report — The Dragon’s Den (20,577)

  1. Oh gosh, that feeling…I know it well…never fun :/ But you’ve got this! You’re brilliant and talented and your words are like sweet manna from heaven ❤ You've got a lot on your plate, but you're a goddess and will bust through this hump with an incredible story!

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