WIP report – The Dragon’s Den (17,520)

Word count: 17,520 / 35,000

Well, I missed the CampNaNo deadline, but I made it halfway to my target word count and am still in act one. This instalment of the Basilica Conspiracy is a little more intricate than Chasing Sisyphus. We’re peeling back the layers of why Governor Miyamoto was targeted. We get a glimpse of the rich people who pull the strings in the city. There’s more to say. I wonder if this book will end up being a novel-length (50,000 words or more) piece of work.

Now that the CampNaNo event is over, I’m worried I’ll lose the thing that kept me on track. I’m relying solely on these blog posts for the month of August. My biggest challenges are travel and work commitments.

I’m still unwell, but in a confusing and annoying sort of way. I’m all but well except for a sore throat and this cough that has become rather violent. I take comfort that everything’s coming up clear (no colours, no blood), but it stops me from sleeping and I sometimes I feel like I’m choking on sandpaper. No good 🙅🏼

It’s Djilba now in Western Australia, which means things should warm up soon. Ironic that now is when we’ve started using the heater at home.

And oh, by the way, it hailed like, three times yesterday 🌨 Clatter clatter clatter outside my window.

Have a nice day, everyone 👋

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