The Only Question That Matters – preorder now

Preorders now available for my upcoming release, The Only Question That Matters, an emotional love story set aboard the luxurious AMS Celestial Dream.

Sofia boarded at Pellegrini station, fresh from an unfulfilling marriage that lasted too long and consumed too much. All she wants is a fresh start, freedom, independence—she expects to find it all on Planet Paradiso.

She’s been flirting with a fellow passenger lately. He’s handsome, creative. She’s had her heart broken by guys like him before. The old Sofia would have been afraid to ask him out, but not her. Not now. She’s not here to give her heart away. She just wants a night she can call her own.

So she asks him.

His hair is dirty blond. He wears it long and pulled back. A lock has come loose and falls over his face, catching in his close-cropped beard. I reach up to tuck it away. Will you go to bed with me? my finger asks as it brushes the tiny gold ring in the helix of his ear. I lick my lips and let this be enough for now.

His watch beeps. He looks at me, apologetically.

“I should be going. I have a call to make.”

“You have work?”

He nods. “A conference call. At least I only need to get dressed from the waist up.”

I laugh. He is confident. He makes little jokes like these, and I adore them.

Silhouette of a couple kissing under a night sky. Book cover for

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