WIP report – The Dragon’s Den (13,618)

Word count: 13,618 / 35,000

Almost 40% done… but I’m sure there’s more than 60% left of the story to tell. If this goes over 35,000 words, I’ll be pleased as punch!

Fancy a WIP peek?

He took a step towards her, arm outstretched, imploring. Then he stopped and they fell by his side. This room, this place—what they wanted her to do—it was insulting. And he knew it. No wonder he said nothing.

There was nothing to say.

The polished rosewood dresser was a perfect fit for the Old World decor of her room. Carvings on the mirror danced and curled like the window adornments, while gold borders matched the gold leaf accents on the ceiling murals and the fringes on the heavy velvet curtains.

The garishness of it all was unnerving. It wasn’t her at all, this intimate boudoir in the House of Gui’hua, one of the Muscoca family’s most exclusive pleasure houses. But it would be her home for a while. So she may as well get comfortable.

Her name was Jen now, Jen Zuoren.

That’s what her new housemates would call her. That’s what her clients would call her, and for her own safety, she better damn well reinvent herself around it. As far as anyone outside this operation was concerned, Adria Yuan was no longer on Planet Basilica.

Stay tuned…

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