WIP report – The Dragon’s Den (9,568)

Word count: 9,568 / 35,000

Approaching the 30% mark—yay!

I’ve been getting the urge to write different genres of romance, especially low fantasy with dark elements. Desire first hit while playing Out of the Abyss with my D&D group. I’m told our group is quite unique in the way we play. We seem to run into deep philosophical, ethical and moral climaxes all the fucking time. Though I suppose that’s what happens when you shove two academics, two movie buffs and a romance writer into Faerun.

Maybe it’s a byproduct of how we play, but it tickles something in me. I love the idea that ordinary mortal conflict can be emphasised by something supernatural or fantastical, but then be solved by something perfectly mortal like compassion and love. (My fantasy fantasy is absolutely not grimdark.)

My notebook is full of story ideas—golden age, cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic, LGBTQ+, some serious #OwnVoices shit—so I’m not sure when I’d get around to actually writing fantasy. But reading Stefanie Simpson’s Demon Beauty recently stoked my fire, and I’m thinking a low-key no-pressure side project might be good creative catharsis while working through the novels and novellas in my queue.

To think, just two years ago, I was starved for ideas, feeling I’d never get back on the fiction writing horse. Sometimes all it takes is to get the ball rolling.

Enough rambling. The Dragon’s Den won’t write itself.

5 thoughts on “WIP report – The Dragon’s Den (9,568)

    1. It’s great fun, Sarah! I’ve been playing for maybe 2 years now. It’s been awesome exercise for getting into a character’s head and thinking about their individual journey. Have you ever played?

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      1. I’ve never played! I haven’t ever been into that sort of fantasy play and my patience is so short for long games for some reason 😛 I should give it a try though! It may help my creative juices flow even more!


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