WIP report – The Dragon’s Den (6,254)

Word count: 6,524 / 35,000

Fancy an unpolished first-draft excerpt?

“Adria Yuan.” More observation than greeting, but he offered it with a toothy smile. “I’m Detective de Vries. Sorry to have kept you waiting. I hope Detective Wong kept you entertained.”

He was cordial, so polite her teeth hurt. So that was their game—good cop, bad cop. This guy would offer the carrot, and if she didn’t take it, Detective Wong would be right behind him with the stick.

Her eyes followed de Vries as he sat across from her. He fired up the tablet under her nose. An indicator flashed on screen. He was recording.

“Ms. Yuan, We should get started.”

He opened the folder in front of her. Sitting on top of the stack was a photo with no date stamp, but she knew when it was taken. She recognised the crowd, the rain, the columns in the background. It was outside the Governor’s mansion on the night of the masquerade ball. And there, amidst a sea of faces, were her and Rhys, locked in an embrace. It was a punch to the chest.

So they knew. The cops knew. How long had they known?

When did Rhys sell her out?

“I want a lawyer,” Adria repeated, fighting to keep her voice steady.

It was a hollow demand. She couldn’t afford a decent lawyer even if she meant it, and city counsel was a joke. Besides, she had no question the BCPD had everything on her. And if they didn’t before, they sure would once Rhys handed over the keys to her home.


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