Shh, I’m procrastinating before bed

Camp NaNoWriMo is over! And I was a couple of days late, and it took me most of the day, but I finished—yay! 🙌

And I’m spent. I just opened another WIP I’ve been eager to get back into, but no words are flowing. Zero. Absolutely none. Well, fine. I’m going to bed then. In a minute. First, an update…

In the rearview

  • The “space fuck boat with no boats” story, also known as The Only Question That Matters (first draft excerpts here and here), came back from my proper editor, One Love Editing, and is currently being worked through the pipeline.
  • The first draft of my Christmas story is done, thanks to April’s Camp NaNo challenge. It was previously known as “new, yet untitled, space romance”; it’s now titled, It Starts With A Kiss. I tried taking a more professional, “crack the whip” approach with this manuscript, which means the edit phase will be epic 😬 Here’s the elevator pitch:

  • An erotic submission to the Capri Luxe Hotels anthology. Keep your eyes peeled—it comes out soon!

What I’m working on

  • My Danica story, currently known as Smoke and Aural Pleasures. Fancy a cheeky peek?
  • The sequel to Chasing Sisyphus. Almost. One more planning sweep and I’ll be ready to start writing.

Coming up

  • Sexy flash fiction. While I’m enjoying writing more long-form stories, I do miss writing the short stuff. Stay tuned.

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