Conservatism, neo-Marxism & the Suppression of Sexual Expression

A fascinating read on sexual expression, pornography and political attitudes.

I’ve often found that people at the extreme ends of the political/value spectrum have things in common. Not necessarily that they’re both pro- or anti- the same stuff, but that they have similar ways of getting their point across, similar approaches to conversations, and other behavioural subtexts like that. The idea that fear is the common driver kind of makes sense now that I think about it.

Anyway, enjoy this thinky bit of Will Crimson.

The Erotic Writer

The Guardian, without embarrassment, has a section devoted to the topic of Pornography. The latest article entitled The strange alliance between #MeToo and the anti-porn movement,  details, well, the strange alliance. I’ve been listening to Jordan Peterson lately and one can’t help but see the world a little differently.

My first thought, on reading the article, was to see the fingerprints of Neo-Marxism on the left and the right. If you haven’t heard of Jordan Peterson or are unfamiliar with his usage of the term, then  (to be brief) it means this: Marxism was an ideology that reduced all societal and individual disadvantages to a primary cause—those who have and those who have not. And if you were one of those who had, then you were, by definition, an oppressor. So, at its very simplest, the central tenant of Marxism is to reduce and explain all societal…

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