Plans for 2018

Now that the tour is over, I’ve have time to think about what I want from 2018. This year has been big for me — I released a novella and three short stories, learned a lot about publishing and a bit about marketing, and most importantly, discovered what I do and don’t like about the craft and trade of writing.

This is what really floated my boat 💖🛳

  • Connecting with readers and other writers over my work
  • Getting lost in craftsmanship and storytelling
  • Learning new things (like astronomy, psychology, ornithology, bondage)
  • Learning about my sexual and intellectual proclivities
  • Discovering new books and authors

And here’s what I found kind of a drag 💔⚓️

  • Noisy social media marketing
  • Too many newsletters (sending and receiving)
  • Having less time to write stories because I needed to prepare promo materials
  • Having less time to read stories because I needed to prepare promo materials
  • Having less time to chat with my new reader and writer friends because I had to make up for lost writing and reading time

In a perfect world, I’d manage my time better and keep my shit together. But this isn’t a perfect world. The author writing the book of my life has decided this is my character’s ultimate conflict, and no amount of time with a hot alpha male irl will get me through this. I have to toughen up, jump that fence and learn to hit the ground running.

On top of all this, I realised this week that the one thing my readers have consistently asked for is longer stories — even when it comes to stories intended to be short.

They told me my worlds were compelling and they wanted more — more drawn-out interactions, more descriptions about the mechanics of the universe, more more more. This shits all over my insecurities over world-building and my fear that people will find my work too rambly. Of course, putting out longer stories means really getting my act together, so…

Here’s what I’m definitely doing in 2018 💪🏼

  • Newsletter 👉 Mailing list
    Dot Dot Dot is adopting a quieter style. No more monthly issues. To save time for me and my readers, dotters will now only hear from me when I have a new hot read for them to sample or to enjoy in its entirety. Subscriber treats will get distributed by this mailing list, so make sure you’re on it.
  • Getting more social 👯
    Let’s connect more over this blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram because, honestly, it’s just easier. I love the personal nature of email, but the instantaneousness of social media makes more sense for news and other timely things. Want to hear about my latest releases and when a subscriber treat comes up via the mailing list? Read this blog, get social with me and find out.
  • Releasing longer stories 🌱
    I love short stories and flash fiction. I love conveying an idea in as few words as possible. I played with it a lot this year, and now I want to try expanding on this. Can I tell a story five times as meaningful with only twice as many words? I think so. Follow me and see.

And here’s what I’m hoping to do in 2018 🤞

  • Release 2 novels — they’ve been WIPs for so long
  • Start the sequel to Chasing Sisyphus 💎
  • Release a lesfic, because I don’t fly my rainbow flag often enough 🏳️‍🌈
  • Finish a new short story especially for my lovely dotters

Thank you, my lovelies, for all your support, encouragement, reviews, purchases, comments, emails and banter on social media this year. Here’s to a beautiful holiday season for you and your loved ones 🎄


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