Blog tour: Day 4 — Creating a respectful hero

Today, I’m visiting at Lisabet Sarai’s blog, Beyond Romance, talking about the sexy and respectful hero of Chasing Sisyphus. I grew up in a time we now brand as an era of “toxic masculinity” and, well, I can’t argue with the label. So many things I thought were normal back then now give me a royal ick when I think about them.

I wanted the hero of my story to retain the best bits of the old “get shit done” kind of guy, whilst being right here in the 21st century. No, wait, this is a futuristic novel, so he’s gotta be right there in the era he lives in. He’s a guy who’s got his act together, even when the shit hits the fan.

Check it out. And check out today’s bonus question for the giveaway draw.

👉 Read now: My sexy, respectful hero


Img via efes (CC0)

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