Blog tour: Day 2 — Sex, a new beginning

Today, I’m visiting ETO’s Best Erotic Author of 2014, K D Grace, sharing a real life love story that began with sex. I know, I know, usually the sex happens at the end of a romance novel, but how can your story blossom if nothing plants that seed of desire beforehand?

Sex can be an incredible driver for change. Wanting it, and wanting to be worthy of it, can inspire courageous acts of honesty, vulnerability and self-care in a world that demands so much from us. Read the post to see what I’m talking about, and check out the day’s new giveaway entry challenge.

👉 Read now: Is sex the journey or the destination?


Img via stokpic (CC0)

5 thoughts on “Blog tour: Day 2 — Sex, a new beginning

  1. I think it’s important to talk about sex, and talk about it as an option (not a requirement for a fullfilled personal life or partnership) and as something that can be/mean veeeeery different things to different people. And of course, about consent!

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