Warm days, bracing wind, bullet points

It was a beautiful day in Perth. The sun was out out, the wind was bracing, and it looks like we’re going to get a hot, hot weekend to boot.

I much prefer summers (ahem, birak) in our little apartment. We don’t have air-conditioning, but it’s easy enough to jury rig an evaporative system with a fan and a bucket of water. If we open the front and back door in the afternoons, the Freo doctor pays a visit and cools the place right down. It’s a damn sight better than chilly, chilly winters.

After pretty much a whole 11 months of being balls-to-the-wall (so to speak), I’m looking forward to a more laidback December. I’ve found a good groove with writing again, my appointments and events have calmed down, it looks like we’ll be home for Christmas this year — the calm is nigh.

In the rearview

  • I tapered off the gaming a couple weeks ago. It was a lovely break, and it’s put a lot of story ideas in my head, but I missed writing and wanted to get back in the trenches 👾
  • The Satine newsletter promo officially ends today. Thank you, everyone, who signed up to receive a free subscriber treat copy. I hope you liked the story and would love a review if you have the time — a good review helps me reach more people, which in turn helps me keep writing more stories 💋
  • I really enjoyed not doing Nanowrimo. Like, really, really enjoyed it. Every day, I’d see my writer friends post updates of their huge word counts, look at my own meagre 300 words and think, you know what… I’m OK with this. I learned a lot about self-acceptance this month 💘

What I’m working on

  • The December issue of my newsletter. I’m literally working on it right now (when I’m not writing this blog post).
  • A new space romance (yet untitled). It won’t be out by Christmas. But I will keep you posted as the days go by.
  • A new erotic short for my beloved newsletter subscribers.
  • The Dragon’s Den (hint: it’s not fantasy and there are no actual dragons)

Coming up

Until next time, lovelies!

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