Unblock my life


For the last two weeks, I’ve been preparing for my upcoming blog tour, pulling together thoughts, notes, journal entries, playlists and my worldbuilding inspo from the Chasing Sisyphus creative process.

It’s been an epic flurry of writing, admin and diving back into details I didn’t expect to have to think about again. I remembered my fears about writing that first fight scene, all the insecurities around the motel scene, and the first time I felt sad about doing something other than working on this story. That’s how I know my fictional world has become believable, by the way — the sense of actually wanting to be there.

Well, I’ve just sent off all of this material and can’t wait for you to read it. I’m going through Writer Marketing Services, run by veteran erotica/romance author Lucy Felthouse, and am just thrilled by the help and guidance she’s given me for my first big promo adventure.

What I’m really excited about, though, is getting back to normal life. I didn’t realise how much work I’d be doing for this. I wanted every guest post to be unique and offer some interesting insight into the book or the world. Cue regret about asking for a 10-day tour instead of an easier 5-day one 😬

Today, I’m rewarding myself with a delicious lunch (leftover pasta and chilli con carne), a guilt-free computer game session (Divinity 2!), and some quality time with family (my mother is making dinner).

The tour starts 4th December at Lily Harlem’s blog. More details to come.


4 thoughts on “Unblock my life

  1. It is a lot, Mr. Peridot and of course you will pull through it!! So relax with mumsy and a good hearty meal. I am looking forward to (Re-reading) Induction of Satine and your other works. Good luck with all of it. First and foremost remain blessed with your talent.

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