New book: Birdwatchers — ARC access available

I have a new book coming out on 4th OctBirdwatchers is a short read about an erotic encounter on a late summer birdwatching afternoon. I mean “short read” like 10 pages… maybe more depending on how your ebook reader does its calculation.

Check it out on Smashwords or wait until it appears on my Amazon author page.

Birdwatchers cover

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7 thoughts on “New book: Birdwatchers — ARC access available

  1. I read the short story and it was delightful. I wish I could write something short and to the point. I never can. BUT I can appreciate the ones who can. Kudos

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  2. Mr. Peridot are all your books like that? When I say like that I mean you have to glance between the lines? It’s not problematic. There is appreciation in the word structure (at least for me it is). And a small personal question…Have you ever written stories for Literotica? I use to many years.


    1. Thank you so much, Julia! I care about word structure and try to apply good practice to all my books, even if they’re not as “literary”. I’ve never written for Literotica, but I’ve read some really lovely stories on that site. Do you still write?

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      1. Once upon at time in the Land Of Exploration I joined that particular website and wrote four stories. The influx was a bit…scary. I started getting stalkers…so I stopped for a long time. But now the with the little fairy of Spirit in me I want to write again but not just THAT. I feel I am a good writer just need fine tuning. I love it and I still have hopes and dreams of being published..It just seems that tiny light is so far away. Reading. Writing just makes my days ya know. And YES I have read dozens of stories at that site. Just served for frustration instead of enjoyment LOL Thanks for your response. You’re pretty cool

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