Rest, relaxation and rthings coming

My partner and I hit the road last week. Originally, I’d planned on having a sort-of writing retreat, but as we packed up to go, I realised what I was most looking forward to was just getting the fuck away from everything normal. I’ve been literally (literarily?) working out a lot this year and needed some recovery and nutrition.

We’re home now and I actually feel motivated to clean the house. A little. 🙂 Writing and reading and Netflix will be my little rewards once I’m done with the dishes and today’s fitness stuff. Guess I best smash out this post and get back to it.

In the rearview

  • I wrote very little. Pretty much nothing, in fact. Even in the days before we left, I decided/accepted this week would be for sorting bits of my life outside of writing. There’s still more to do, and I hope I go into next week with a more balanced approach.
  • The holiday was fabulous! We ate, we drank, we played games and did touristy things around Western Australia’s jolly Margaret River Region. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend The Pour House (a pub in Dunsborough), Margaret River Venison (try the roo biltong), the Whale Lookout Walk at Cape Naturaliste (Sep-Nov), and Corrynne’s Soap Factory in Dunsborough.
  • The serial novel — after three chapters, I still like the story, but the setting bores me to tears. Back to the drawing board!
  • You and I got the loveliest review the other day. I feel ever so encouraged and hope my future work lives up to those wonderful comments from Evie.

What I’m working on

  • Another steamy short story. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • My next novel (novella). More on that soon.

Coming up

  • Chasing Sisyphus drops on Tuesday! Preorders open on The book should be available on Amazon by late October.
  • The Induction of Satine comes to Amazon and Smashwords in less than 2 months, but newsletter subscribers get it free and now until Nov 30.
  • My first blog tour starts in December. I’ll have more details on that soon.

That’s it for now. Back to exercise and housework. #realwriterlife

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