New Story: You and I – Part 4

Just one question changes everything. Or does it? The penultimate instalment of “You and I” is now up on Noveltrove:

The clock outside strikes the hour. Our shirts lie in a tangle on the floor. My bra joins them. His breath is on my neck now, and I’m not sure why we keep this to ourselves.

It’s been a good week. I wanted to experiment a little with the style, and once I got started, the words just flowed.

Which was odd, in hindsight, as I had originally imagined this scene very differently to how it turned out. It was meant to be at a party, “Amy” was meant to have plenty of time to think. But in the end, she had very little time.

Like “Amy”, in the end, I had very little time to choreograph this piece, since it didn’t end up going according to plan. I hope it reads as smoothly as it felt quite writing.

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