New Story: You and I – Part 3

“Amy” (not her real name) has a lot going on inside, but real life (or as real as it gets in a story) doesn’t always work that way. The latest part is up now on Noveltrove Erotica:

The cut of your v-line surprises me. It really shouldn’t. I’ve seen you countless times, shirt off, passed out drunk exactly where I’m lying now. But not like this, I suppose.

I’ve been reading a variety of erotica writing styles lately. It’s always interesting to gauge the difference in effect between long, drawn-out descriptions vs short, sharp, punchy wording. Someone once told me with erotica, you’re essentially writing for impact. I guess that’s true, but I’m sure every style has an impact on someone.

For myself, I like a combination of long wordings and blunt wordings. The contrast really does it for me, even if it’s not always graceful or pretty. That said, I enjoyed the super descriptive scenes in Richard Morgan’s Altered Carbon just as much as I liked the grossly under-described scenes in Lee Child’s Killing Floor, so mixing styles isn’t always necessary to have an impact on me. I guess it just depends on what the rest of the narrative is like, and the mood of the story.


Img via Engin_Akyurt (CC0)

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