New Story: You and I – Part 2

The latest instalment is up on Noveltrove:

It’s Sunday. I can tell by the strip of sunlight that creeps between the blinds and settles on your pecs. There’s gold highlights in your chest hair. I never noticed it before. You open your eyes and I look away.

I love super short stories (aka. “flash fiction” or “sudden fiction”), and stories that can be told neatly in one shot. I also like serialised story arcs, though, where stuff happens between instalments and you have to fill in the blanks yourself. As a reader/viewer, I find that so stimulating.

There’s an art to crafting instalments so the ‘middle bits’ don’t feel like middle bits. A reader can drop in at any point in the story and ride it all the way to the end, because every episode feels complete enough. Not complete, but complete enough.

So, with this, I’m giving that a go.


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New Story: You and I

Courtesy of Noveltrove Erotica (which may be my new favourite free erotica site), please enjoy my latest (and first!) published piece:

We fall into the living room. It’s empty. The place is quiet. I throw my jacket on the sofa and pull his shirt off. He’s ripped. His tongue is fighting mine while my fingers fight his belt buckle. My panties and my top end up on the floor. I walk him to my room.

A writer in one of my networking groups did me the honour of letting me beta read her novel manuscript. It was a touching story about family, love and growing up. What really struck me was the quality of her writing. I learned so much just from one read-through.

I’ve been stewing over a story idea lately, and thought I’d use it as an opportunity to apply what I learned about first-person present tense. Sorry, getting into these technical details isn’t very sexy, is it?

Hopefully the story itself is sexier and more enjoyable than writing-nerd talk. 🙂


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